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Special offer !!

I am, in some circumstances, willing to scan a particular month in a particular year requested by a visitor to the site which is of special interest to them, in exchange for their transcribing each and every ship in that month to be available online. The scans to be worked on may be downloaded, or emailed and the transcribed spreadsheets returned by email to be processed and made available online.

This exchange cannot be undertaken lightly because of the time and commitment involved by both genies, although it gives the opportunity to search for your person as well as contribute to online records for those who do not have physical access to the reels.

Please be free to drop me a line


Results will be displayed, please continue down the page to read those from Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters.

Don't forget to try all possible variations of spelling the name you are seeking!

If not found, then try the variations which would result from a clerk / someone listening to names, possibly foreign to them, and writing under difficult conditions - way back in those early years - 1800's!

Every care possible has been taken with these records but, as usual, remember to check original sources of **everything** for yourself. And . . all puns found are intended !!


  • State Records Authority of New South Wales: Colonial Secretary: Reports of vessels arrived, Series NRS 1291 [Reels 1272-1280 and 2851] covering records for Jan 1845-Dec 1853

  • State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office;
    NGS 13278, Unassisted passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922 [Reels 399-560, 2001-2121].

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